People are supposed to sit far apart, they're not supposed to sing hymns.


I serve in the office of a stake president.  I preside over 11 congregations in Northeast Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And so, these congregations spread out, and there's one in Duluth, and there's one in North Branch, and there's one in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and there's one in Virginia, Minnesota, and Grand Rapids, Minnesota, lots of places, a lot of small communities around Duluth. And it's probably all together, about 3,000 members of the church are part of the stake that I preside over. 

We've started back having worship services on Sundays, but they are a lot more limited. People are supposed to sit far apart, they're supposed to wear masks, they're not supposed to sing hymns, those kinds of things.

David Gore




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