I held my breath the whole time, I didn't know what else to do.

We're in rural Minnesota, and the cool thing about Finland is that you got a lot of really radical left organic farmers, and the public school in town, and they're a bunch of anarchists, and they do alternative education, but you also have pretty hardcore conservative folks, lots of guys work in the mines. [...]

Three or four weeks ago, when they let restaurants and bars and all that kinda stuff open again. Then you go into the store and then all of a sudden there's 100 people in there.  "Oh my God." 

I just had a horrifying experience down on the North Shore, which is only about five miles away from us. But we went down to the... Right down to Tofte and stopped at the holiday gas station to get some stuff. And I went in there, and all these tourists were in there, and the place was packed. And the women behind the counter were literally... Their hands were shaking. They were completely surrounded, nobody's wearing a mask because you know, whatever, and it was really uncomfortable. I held my breath the whole time, I didn't know what else to do. 

A couple of really big local guys came in, loggers, I think they were loggers, and they knew those women, and even though they weren't wearing a mask either, they started yelling at everybody to separate out and give these women a break and, "Why don't some of you stay outside... "

Christopher O’Brien







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