The dress rehearsal or a trial run for the climate catastrophe.

As we talk about stories of wisdom, the one that I would like to focus on is that we need to appreciate the fact that we are going through this, because we’re in rehearsal, kinda the dress rehearsal or a trial run for if the climate catastrophe ever happens and it takes our systems apart. So then I'm just... I have a lot of respect and admiration for the amount of resilience and adaptability that people have had this far, and especially a good section or segment of the population has cooperated and has helped each other with medical services, with getting groceries, with staying connected; and yet there's another segment that's out there that says, "No way in hell am I gonna wear a mask." And so we had that. 

Basically we need to realize that we're going through a major crisis of civil society right here. And I think we're learning ways to do it, and so that if we get through COVID, we may have some experience in terms of how to address the same thing if a more serious crisis or collapse comes along because of any climate event. 

Vern Simula




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