Yeah, universal income. I think universal housing even, and universal healthcare.

Young woman holding two plastic bags with masks and wearing a black lives matter t-shirt
Photo by Ivy Vaino

I hadn't really put much thought into universal income before this, but it seems like a better idea the more I think about it now, because we have a tremendous amount of wealth in this country and we have people starving on the streets, and that seems morally really objectionable to me. And some people who can't find employment or have difficulty with it then become more susceptible to homelessness and mental illness, and it's just a negative feedback loop, and there's no opportunity to find their way out. 

Yeah, social issues. It's not something that I think about much, but this has brought me to that point where we should... 

I believe we should probably have some form of universal healthcare so that people don't get to the point where they need to go to the emergency room. So that they can treat it when it's a little red flag, and it would cost much less than waiting until it's a full-blown fatality emergency. 

Yeah, universal income. I think universal housing even, and universal healthcare.

Amber Haglund-Pagel




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