So it'll be like dragons or Twilight or rain, and then I play what I decide is that sound, and that has been really nourishing.

I started this thing where I would play improvisational music, so it's just free flowing from whatever is in my brain, but I'll have them in the audience -- 'cause it's not YouTube, and they can comment and I see their comments --I have them suggest the theme. So it'll be like dragons or Twilight or rain, and then I play what I decide is that sound, and that has been really nourishing…

And so I'm trying to find the ways that I do feel like being creative and just going with those, and so for a while I was doing watercolor paintings, which is completely outside of anything I do for a living. But I was sharing 'em with my “Patrons” [Patreon is a digital platform where artists, creators, etc can share work and get monetary support from their fans. People who support content creators on Patreon are called “Patrons”] and stuff online, because I might as well share what I'm doing or whatever. And then the creativity also has been kinda dampened because so much of what I'm doing... I love live performance, that's what I enjoy. So I... Recording is interesting and cool, and I do... I have learned to like it more, but what I went into music to do is to perform, and so even live shows on YouTube now feel pretty real because I put... I made it so that I can read their comments during the show, and I know that they're there, and that has mentally... I had to reframe that one, right? But I did, and now I enjoy live shows

Gaelynn Lea Tressler

The Audio
These are songs written and performed by Gaelynn Lea Tressler. 

The Video
This virtual performance was recorded live at Gaelynn Lea's home in Duluth, Minnesota during the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains songs written and/or arranged, and performed by Gaelynn, including improvisation and interaction with her virtual audience.



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