You know, with everything going on, as you said, Blue Lives matter

You know, with everything going on, as you said, Blue Lives matter. It's definitely not a statement anymore. That's definitely something that a police officer is killed every single day, and especially now, they're murdered constantly. And the black and white and Asian and Latina officers are murdered, and nobody... It's not on the media, nobody says anything, nobody blinks an eye, because it doesn't help push their agenda...

And the thing is, police officers are out there every day, and they're the ones that have to clean up this mess, and actually have to find these little girls' murderers, and actually have to deal with this. And they get killed for it and called racists for it, and they are out there actually trying to help people. 

People seem to claim they want change. But they don't want to do anything other than post a Facebook or Instagram black square. Whereas these people, police officers of all ethnicities are out there actually trying to create the change that these people claim they want. These people are out there putting their lives at risk to help create that change. 

If you really want what you say you do, become a police officer, become a social worker, become a judge, become a lawyer, become a housing agent. Literally, you could buy a house and rent it out to underprivileged families. You can do so many things to actually help people, and yet nobody does. They just kind of post a photo and I think that's led to a lot of deaths unnecessarily and issues.

— A Duluthian




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