I just feel a lot of stress in the upper shoulders, in the neck region

I get to the point where either I'm very tired, so I end up taking naps. I guess my husband thinks I'm on the verge of depression or some steps leading to that, where I'm starting to take naps a lot more. Or either that or I'm bored, so I take naps. 

I've been trying to keep myself busy with other things, like the gardening, cleaning out the garage, cleaning out and organizing the garage, and I need to start in on the house itself. But the garage is taking several weeks, mostly because I'm not doing it all at once, although there were a few days where I was, initially. 

I go to bed early. Sometimes, I'm up by 8:00 or 9:00... Well, I should say not sometimes. Most of the time I'm up by 9:00. There's just a few occasions where I'm able to sleep in past that. 

[I’m] just trying to get my mind away from things, so I'm either reading for this literature committee that I'm on, through the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association. And so, I'm on the children's literature committee, and so that's helped me to kinda come out of my funk. I've been a lot less depressed. 

I have always experienced moderate-grade depression and anxiety, but this time around I don't have it as much because I am keeping busy or my mind away from things. Not that that's necessarily the answer to those issues, but it's helped me get through it. But I just feel a lot of stress in the upper shoulders, in the neck region, and tired, feeling tired a lot. Overwhelmed sometimes.

— Kate Rolfe




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