I don't think people always really know how much is going on behind the scenes.

I mean, with working at a restaurant… We clean a lot. So, we do... Every half hour we have to clean every single surface. We've only... We switched cleaning products to literally just bleach and water, which is a better cleaning agent. My only thing with that is it is not health-wise the best… 

I don't think that's something people really think about when they go out to eat is like, really what your service worker is going through.  You know, they're having to wear a mask in 90 degree heat and run around so you can sit on a patio and enjoy a drink. And they are getting lung irritation and rashes and allergy reactions to harsh chemicals just so you can kind of hang out. I don't think people always really know how much is going on behind the scenes. You have to wipe down every single surface, including every menu has to be thrown away after each person. 

A Food Service Worker

painting of people preparing food
Painting by Carolyn Olson



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